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With the invention of Kearny-Fuchida drives that are capable of jumping tens of light years in an instant, planetary colonization began. That was 1000 years ago. The human race has colonized a 300 light-year ring of planets around Terra. Civil war and power struggles infect this Inner Sphere (IS) of planets like a deadly virus.

Dr. Gregory Atlas helped to introduce the first BattleMech on February 5th 2439. This invention eventually caused a revolution in ground warfare. BattleMechs, or 'Mechs for short, remain the primary choice for handling all ground campaigns. Some weighting in at around 100 tons and standing 10 meters high, these walking tanks annihilated everything in their path. The Age of War that had been raging since 2398 began to flare out of control with the full-scale use of the BattleMech. Warfare was forced to be regulated which, unfortunately, caused war to become commonplace for the next 150 years. The virus of war and power continued to spread.

That is until the year of the year of 2571, when the Star League Accords were signed. That signing established a form of united government never before seen in human history. A Golden Age was born in the year 2601. Many scientific innovations were introduced, such as the Hyper Pulse Generator (HPG) communications devices for inter-stellar communications.Low cost water purification methods were also developed, solving an age old problem of planetary colonization...finding drinkable water.

But the peace did not last for long. The Star League, the government that ran this peaceful sphere of planets, dissolved in 2766. The same year that First Lord Richard Cameron was assassinated.

In the year of 2784, Operation Exodus was ordered by General Aleksandr Kerensky. Over 80% of the Star League Defense Forces followed the single 'Exodus' order to abandon their homes in the Inner Sphere. Traveling 1,300 light years away from Terra, the former SLDF warriors settled on five planets. The citizens of these 5 planets, dubbed the pentagon worlds, were grateful to the General for for saving them from the corruption of the Inner Sphere. The peace did not last for long and severe civil war caused General Kerensky to lead a second exodus to a nearby system. General Aleksandr Kerensky's son, Nicholas Kerensky, returned to the pentagon worlds and subdued the civil war. Nicholas Kerensky then created a clan-based society, where the entire populous would break up into 20 clans named after animals of the local planets.

The Clans have always vowed to return to the Inner Sphere to conquer Terra and "re-establish the Star League." And that vow was fulfilled in the year of 3090, when the Clans decided to invade the Inner Sphere with one goal in mind...Terra.

The year is now 3062, the clans have long since launched their attack into the Inner Sphere. The Inner Sphere is mauled. An uneasy peace rests between the IS and the Clans. And the Inner Sphere, not the Clans, has re-established the Star League.


Review the current Inner Sphere map, circa 3060. Although it is about 2 years old, it is still accurate enough for navigation. The political boundaries have changed somewhat, but that information can be found in the latest BattleTech novels. Look under Clan Smoke Jaguar.

Recommendation: Start at the earliest novels and read the current ones last. The history of BattleTech is so rich that jumping from book to book would be difficult and lessen the enjoyment of the expirience.


The current year is 3062 and BattleMechs rule ground warfare, but how did the human race get to this point? Find out in the master timeline from the BattleTech creator themselves...FASA Corp.

General Timeline Terra House Timelines Perhipery
Cameron (Star League)
Comstar (Word of Blake)
Davion (Federated Suns)
Steiner (Lyrian Commonwealth)
Liao (Capellan Confederation)
Marik (Free Worlds League)
Kurita (Draconis Combine)
The Inner Sphere Perhipery


The most comprehensive lore and general history libraries are on site at Bad I would recommend spending a lot of time reviewing these links and the rest of the site.

General History Terra Major Powers: The Houses
2001-2100: Breakthrough
2102-2313: Exodus
2314-2398: Consolidation
2398-2550: Age of War
2551-2600: Imperium and Reunification.
2601-2750: The Good Years
2751-2784: Crisis and Civil War
2785-3030: The Succession Wars
3050: The Return of Kerensky
Cameron (Star League)
Comstar (Word of Blake)
Davion (Federated Suns)
Steiner (Lyrian Commonwealth)
Liao (Capellan Confederation)
Marik (Free Worlds League)
Kurita (Draconis Combine)

The Magistracy of Canopus
Outworlds Alliance
The Taurian Concordat
Marian Hagemony
Circinus Federation
Illiryan Palatinate
Oberon Confederacy
Minor Powers
Bandit Kingdoms
Minor Perhipery Powers
The Free Rasalhague Republic
The St. Ives Compact

The Clan Lore Library is the premiere Clan Lore location on the internet. also offers information on the uniforms of the Clans and the Inner Sphere warriors.

Books, Stories, Artwork and Motion-Picture Productions

The Gaming World of Solaris 7 has provided an extensive archive of BattleTech stories and artwork. A writers guild, an artisans guild and a motion picture guild all assemble at and leave traces of their work.

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FASA Corporation offers a wide variety of books and games and accessories through their on-line catalog.

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