Step-by-step on Joining a League

Joining a league will improve your skill and enjoyment with the BattleTech universe. Some of the best 'Mech pilots in the worlds are found on the internet, in rooms that anyone can access and is welcome. This room will help you with software, training and finding a league to join.

Step 1: Evaluate your equipment

You must have one or more of the following CD-ROM disks:

  • MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat for DOS*
  • MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat for Windows 95
  • MechWarrior2: Mercenaries.
  • *NOTE: MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat for DOS requires the NetMech add-on to be installed after the base simulation is installed. Click on this icon to download the add-on:

Minimum hardware recommendations:

  • 28.8k Modem. People still use 14.4k, but lag makes multi-player difficult.

Step 2: Train in the art of the BattleMech

  • Play the single player missions and have fun with the 'Mechs.
  • Try customizing your 'Mechs for better performance. Hint: Use energy weapons instead of'll help your piloting and shooting skills.
  • Study and know the 31st Century's Pilot Training Page well.

Step 3: Register on a game server

  • You must register a game server to play NetMech and/or Mercnet. A game server is a computer on the internet that lets you use its hardware to run games and to chat.
  • Kali. Most BattleTech simulatory leagues are found on Kali. A lifetime membership costs $20.
    The Internet Zone is free and is a good environment to learn about on-line gaming and ettiquite.
    MPlayer is another free game server that would be a good place to learn about on-line gaming.

Step 4: Apply to a league

  • Apply to one of the leagues under the On-line Leagues area of this room. Make sure that you are choosing a league under the name of the simulator that you. For example: You only have MechWarrior2: Mercenaries' Mercnet. You could not join The Grand Council because it only uses MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat's NetMech. You would have to use a league that supports Mercnet, such as The Astral-Dominion League.

On-line Leagues

MechWarrior2:NetMech DOS

MechWarrior2:NetMech Win95

MechWarrior2 Mercenaries:Mercnet 1.06

MechWarrior2 Mercenaries:Mercnet 1.1

*** IMPORTATNT: Before you play on the internet ***

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