Leagues of the BattleTech Universe

Joining a league will improve your skill and enjoyment with the BattleTech universe. Some of the best 'Mech pilots in the worlds are found on the internet, in rooms that anyone can access and is welcome. This room will help you with software, training and finding a league to join.

Patches and Add-ons

  • The NetMech add-on is required to play any MechWarrior2 series simulator over the internet, LAN and/or modem.
    ICQ allows you to communicate with others on the internet.Very popular and in some cases required to have ICQ loaded on your system and you have an ICQ number.

Game Servers

  • Kali. Most BattleTech simulatory leagues are found on Kali. A lifetime membership costs $20.
    The Internet Zone is free and is a good environment to learn about on-line gaming and ettiquite.
    MPlayer is another free game server that would be a good place to learn about on-line gaming.

On-line Leagues

MechWarrior2:NetMech DOS

MechWarrior2:NetMech Win95

MechWarrior2 Mercenaries:Mercnet 1.06

MechWarrior2 Mercenaries:Mercnet 1.1

*** IMPORTATNT: Before you play on the internet ***

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