Introduction to Our MechWarrior Training Course

Welcome to Training...MechWarrior.

This room provides an intorudction to our training course. Learn the course well so that you can stay alive on the battlefield.

Course 1: BattleMech Training

We start off on the subject of your BattleMech's functionality. You may think 'no big deal', but when you combat anything more than the most green pilot, you need every since trick that you can get. Here are the subjects of the first course:

Once you have some battle-time under your belt, it is time to try your hand at BattleMech building. Building a BattleMech takes just an instant compared to how long it takes a person to learn how to build one well. This course offers two groups of opinions on BattleMech building.

  • Here is the experts' point of view on mech building
  • Some recommendations that you may not find in your 'Mech's technical manuals.


Course 2: Weapon Training

First off, learn about the weapons that you will be using in the BattleTech simulators. Tahe a look at the:

Those two sections provide a solid foundation for knowing what to take on a mission and what to leave behind.

Next, learn how to effectively group your 'Mech weaponry. Grouping weapons allow you full control over which weapons fire and when. Weapon grouping also allows you the flexability to use long range weapons at long range, short range at short range and also to preserve your balistic weapons' precious ammunition.



Course 3: Simulator Training

Before deploying your 45 million c-bill BattleMech onto the battlefield, get as much time in the simulator as possible. This is a environment that is as close to the real thing as possible.

Before you drop into combat, ensure that your control configuration is set properly. You basically become a cybernetic organism with the BattleMech when in that pilot's couch, so you will barely be able to keep the 'Mech upright if you do not have absolute control.

Tesla Pods are the ultimate in BattleMech simulators. When you drop into combat, you feel as if you are in actual cobat. A required section in our Simulator Training Course.

Once you have dropped into combat, immediately adjust your Heads-Up Display (HUD) settings so that you have all of the information that you need for the upcoming battle.

The single-player environment is the perfect place to learn how to pilot your walking machine.

Finally, enter the world of the multiplayer environment and the on-line leagues. This is where your skills and nerves will be put to the test. You will meet other pilots and constantly drop into battle. In some leagues, you are fighting for planets, jumpships and 'Mechs. Here are some things that might help you get used to on-line battles:

Lean why lag-shooting is required when on-line.
Read a step-by-step guide on joining a league.

Course 4: Pilot Training

Now that all of the BattleMechs, weaponry and simulator equipment is ready to go, it is time to teach you the tricks of the trade. While enrolled in the Pilot Training Course, you will learn:

  • How to use torso twisting to your advantage and keep the armor on your mech.
  • Jumping you mech requires more than the flick of a button.
  • Lag shooting can not be stressed enough. When on the internet, and even on local battles, lag can change the strategies and tactics that you have to use.
  • Using the viewing functionality of the cockpit allows you to look out the side, top and bottom windows of your mech.
  • Tactics and strategy is the key to success and we must apply it to BattleMech piloting.

Course 5: Investigate on your own

You will find many suggestions in our links room, including some of the greats. Start with the Battle Mech Training Academy. Although the academy is in hyatus, the material is well done and valuable.


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