Course 1: BattleMech Training

Welcome to 'Mech training...MechWarrior.

Ahhh, the BattleMech. It is a glorious thing. Standing 10 meters tall, over 60 tons of weaponry and all under one pilot's control. Your control. This is where you will learn how to build and use your 'Mech effectively. Especially in battle.

BattleMech Specifications

Intelligence has come in on all clan tech that you will be up against. Review the following document carefully:

BattleMech Building

There are so many approaches to 'Mech building. You will find that each custom 'Mech has its own personality, just as will yours. But as I say "Listen to the experts, then do what you were going to do in the first place." So, here are the experts:

And here are some recommendations that you may not find in your 'Mech's technical manuals::


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