Course 3: Simulator Training

Welcome to the BattleMech Simulator Training...MechWarrior.

Step right up and have a seat in this pod, MechWarrior. This is where you will learn to handle the BattleTech simulations. This is a 3-D virtual reality type experience, so suck it up and keep that 'Mech pretty.

BattleMech Heads-Up Display (HUD) Systems Configuration

The first thing to do when you drop into battle is configure your weapon groups. The second thing that you do is configure your Heads-Up Display Systems (HUD). The display system is broken down into MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat and all other BattleMech simulators. These are the recommended settings for green, regular, veteran, and elite pilots alike. When you have dropped onto the battlefield, press all of the key sequences for your specific simulator.

MechWarrior: 31st Century Combat Simulator

Pressing F1 cycles through Multi-Function Display (MFD). Recommended display is not changed from the enemy inra-red (IR).
Pressing F6 changes Mech outline to Heads, Tail, Arms and Torso (HTAL) armor damage report.

MechWarrior: Ghost Bear's Legacy and Mercenaries Simulator

Pressing Shift+F2 three times displays the rear camera view.
Pressing Shift+F4 three times displays the Heads, Tail, Arms and Torso (HTAL) graph without shutting-down your own 'Mech's IR wire frame damage display.

BattleMech Joystick Control Configuration: MechWarrior2 Series

The 'Mech controls default keyboard mapping may be fine if you are using the keyboard and mouse, but what about adding on a joystick. After all, a simulation would not be a simulation without realistic controls. This section helps you with setting up and mapping the controls of your BattleMech with additional controls. Information in the next course, Simulator Controls Training, includes a more in-depth look at configuring the controls of your BattleMech. The next section will cover keyboard controls as well as joystick controls configuration.

Also, if you have a Thrustmaster F-22 Pro or a Saitek X-36 with X-35 throttle, download the following joystick control files. Save yourself the pain and heartache to program these controls manually. After downloading them to your system, modify them to your liking. They work much better than the default configuration files.

Saitek X-36 X36 configuration file with an X-35 Throttle.

Thrustmaster F-22 Pro F22 source code file with a TQS Throttle.
Thrustmaster F-22 Pro M22 macro file with a TQS Throttle.

Thrustmaster F-22 Pro F22 source code file without a TQS Throttle.
Thrustmaster F-22 Pro M22 macro file without a TQS Throttle.

Also a CH Flightstick Pro story by Talon.

Also check out the joystick section in our links room.

BattleMech Simulator Training: Tesla 4.0 Pods

The Tesla Pods are the ultimate in BattleMech simulation. Complete with enclosed cockpit, surround-sound, 7 monitors, coolant loops 360 degree torso twists...there is nothing like them on Terra.

The basic outline of the Tesla Pod controls are as follows. This is only an example of one set of default configurations. I expect that each site may change the default controls as they see fit.

Category Control Description
Basic: Stick controls chassis L/R.
Stick controls turret U/D.
No torso control.
Intermediate: Pedals control chassis L/R
Stick is turrett U/D.
Stick is turrett L/R.
Left trigger = group 1.
Left thumb button = group2.
No jump jet controls.
Advanced Pedals control chassis L/R
Stick is turrett U/D.
Stick is turrett L/R.
No jump jet controls.

Single Player Environment

Learn the BattleMech in the single player missions. Fight for both Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon in MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat. Participate in a hunt for Clan Ghost Bear in MechWarrior2: Ghost Bear's Legacy. As a mercenary in MechWarrio2: Mercenaries, accept contracts that take you around the galaxy to fight for the highest bidder.

MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat

The single-player mode of MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat offers two separate Clans that you can join. These two Clans, Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf, are in the middle of a war. The war is called the War of Refusal. It started from a clan-based judicial procedure called a Trial of Refusal. During the trial, two sets of warriors fight and the champion is granted terms over whatever was refused. Follow the Clan insignias below for more information regarding the missions of the War of Refusal.

Clan Jade Falcon Tips

Clan Wolf Tips

The 31st Century Starport also offers a complete list of BattleMech specifications and BattleMech weapons.

When all else fails, here are the cheat codes. I would use them for exploration only, because any career that you use these cheats on will most likely get buggy.

MechWarrior2: Ghost Bear's Legacy

MechWarrior2: Ghost Bear's Legacy leads you on a hunt for the stolen genetic material of Clan Ghost Bear. As a MechWarrior for the 52nd Trinary, you are charged with saving Clan Ghost Bear by finding the stolen genetic material. This journey takes you all over the conquered worlds in the Inner Sphere including Clan Smoke Jaguar, Clan Wolf, and Draconis Combine space. It is interesting to fight the Inner Sphere from the point of view of Clan Ghost Bear.

Here is the single player mission outline and the cheat codes. Also, a cache also has recently revealed some additional codes to add a surprise or two on the battlefield.

The 31st Century Starport also offers a complete list of BattleMech specifications and BattleMech weapons.

MechWarrior2: Mercenaries

As a mercenary MechWarrior, you work for the highest bidder. The single-player missions in MechWarrior2: Mercenaries are more of a dynamic story than the other two simulators. As a mercenary, you may accept or reject contract at your will. These contracts are on numerous worlds and last anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. The single-player mode also allows you to witness the invasion of the Clans first hand. Quite an interesting perspective to see a clan 'Mech for the first it melts your Inner Sphere 'Mech's armor to liquid.

The 31st Century Starport also offers a complete list of BattleMech specifications and BattleMech weapons.

Only use the cheat codes as a last resort, due to the simulator glitches that begin only after using the codes.

MechWarrior2: Titanium Trilogy

MechWarrior2: Titanium Trilogy contains all three MechWarrior2 series simulators and has added several nice touches:

3-D enhancement for hardware accelerators. With a 3-D accelerator card, the MechWarrior2 series looks like a brand new simulator. Skies contain clouds, 'Mechs are camouflaged, the terrain looks realistic and fog even rolls in! Very nice job. The software supports both 3dfx and Direct3d.

All three simulators have upgraded MFDs, or Multi-Function Displays. This allows more information to be holographically displayed in the cockpit.

The MechWarrior2: Titanium Trilogy is a great simulator, with the following exceptions:

Overall bug in MechWarrior2: Titanium Trilogy. Missiles and PPC fire will sometimes strike the wrong target. An example of the PPC issue: Rapid firing of the weapon causes every other PPC blast to strike the previously hit target. An example of the missile fire issue: Firing at a target sometimes causes damage on your own 'Mech if it had been hit by the enemy's missiles shortly before your missiles hit.

Bug in MechWarrior2: 31st Century Combat Titanium Trilogy. Mission Bouk Obliesk, where you are dropped on a moon to do a sweep. And your comrade is disabled. When you get to him, enemy 'Mechs attempt an ambush. The bug is when the mission fails out of nowhere. The fix is to run to the last nav (off to the left of where you were dropped) and destroy the Rifleman and the Nova first. Then go help out your fallen friend.

Bug in MechWarrior2: Mercenaries regular and Titanium Trilogy. Mission Exodus (Siguard 3). You and a pirate MechWarrior have to get to the landing zone to escape a conquered Clan Wolf world. The bug is that the dropship gets stuck about 1.5k south of nav point Alpha. The fix is to take out the first 2 'Mechs quickly, and get to nav point Alpha quickly. Once there, take out the two 'Mechs and see if the dropship is coming down the nearest corridor leading South. If not, go back South 1 kilometer of the crashed dropship, where you were dropped. See of the dropship is there and stuck. Try to draw him the way that you came. Retry the mission if your are unable to get the dropship to nav point Alpha.

The 31st Century Starport also offers a complete list of BattleMech specifications and BattleMech weapons.

When all else fails, here are the cheat codes. Use them for exploration only, because any career that you use these cheats on will inherit glitches.

Testing Skills in a League or Multiplayer Environment

This is the real battleground MechWarrior...internet multiplayer and leagues. On the internet, you fight for ranking, planets, dropships, 'Mech factories and even battlefield salvage. All with and against human pilots. All leagues would be happy to help you get situated on-line.

First of all, go straight to our league room and learn about the details of joining a league and multiplayer servers. Then come back here and learn the technical aspect of internet based drops.

Lag, the Curse of the Internet

Lag, or latency, is the internet's number one enemy. Lag is basically the delay between your individual computer and the game server computer that you are connected to. This delay is sometimes not even noticable. For example, Lag is undetectable during a chat session.But when 2-8 pilots are in the same battle, the lag affects the game so much that shots are lost and 'Mechs vanish before your eyes. Here are some of the effects caused by lag:

Your opponent disapears.
The simulator momentarily stops and/or becomes jumpy.
You have to
'lag shoot' to score any hits on your opponenet.

The truth is that even if you have a fast internet connection (i.e. T3 line), all other opponents must have equally comprably systems and connections. Otherwise, the simulator will slow down to match the slowest member of the group.

Here are some things that you can to do decrease the latency in a battle:

Subscribe to a mid-sized Internet Service Provider (ISP). The large IPS's like AOL are easy, but the connections are usually slow and unstable. Plus, the large providers employ software that terminates your connection on a times...meaning in the middle of your drop!
Mindspring and Earthlink.
Use the best 56k modem that is recommended by your ISP. It is important that your modem be certified by the ISP and that it is well made. Poor modems equal poor connections.
Upgrade to a cable modem, ISDN, or to a T1-T3 line. The cable modem is usually inexpensive ($45 per/mo), but the T1 lines can be very pricey. Teh cable modem is perfect for home PC technology, fast and stable. As usual check with your ISP.
Do battle with pilots that have a low latency reading. Check the latency of your wingmen and opponents by
pinging them. Ping a pilot by typing "/ping <Handle>" in the Pilot's Lounge of the MechWarrior2 series simulator. Remember to leave out the quotes ("") and substitute <Handle> with the pilot that you want to ping. Each individual piece of game server software also supports pinging.



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