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The 31st Century Starport is a central access point to all of your futuristic gaming and entertainment needs. The 31st Century Starport's rich environment is based on the BattleTech® universe.

Developed by FASA Corporation in 1981, the BattleTech universe involves board games, playing cards, computer simulation games and over 100 written volumes.

In the year 3058, the BattleMech, or 'Mech for short, has long since revolutionized ground warfare. Standing at 10 meters tall and carrying tons of firepower, nearly all ground operations require the use of a BattleMech. The elite individuals that pilot the BattleMechs, or 'Mechs for short, are called Mech Warriors.

Enter into 31st Century Starport and begin your long journey to becoming a MechWarrior. Press any icon on the left, top and bottom of each room to navigate through 31st Century Starport. Some rooms of interest are:

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